Funding Request

Funding Requests
Apply for Funds:

  1. A BHS or BMS team has a need
  2. The Coach or player rep fills out form getting two quotes for same or similar products.
  3. The form is submitted to the BHS Athletic Director for review & approval.
  4. If the form is approved, it is presented at the next Rockets Meeting by the coach or player rep or is emailed to to be reviewed by the association board members.
  5. At the meeting board members discuss the request and may ask questions about the request.
  6. Board members vote to approve or turn down the request.
  7. When voting is complete, the Rockets President notifies the coach or player rep of the decision on the request.

Actual Funding:

  1. A request has been approved
  2. The money which has been approved is set aside by the Rocket’s Treasurer for this request.
  3. Depending on the vendor,a. The coach or player rep can pay for the bill and submit a receipt to be reimbursed.b. The bill can be sent directly to the Rockets for payment. Send bills to: Bay Rockets Association, P.O.Box 40128, Bay Village, Ohio 44140.c. The bill can be sent to the coach or player rep and they can bring it in to a meeting or give to the Rocket’s President or Treasurer.

Click Here to download the request form