WE NEED YOU!!!!!!help wanted

There are so many opportunities to get involved.  Here are but a few opportunities. We need “workers” that man tables, sell tickets, help with events,  as well as “leaders”! So of you think “I don’t have time”; please revisit that. Some volunteer needs are only an hour or two long!

> Miscellaneous Help

> Tri Bay Golf Outing                    > Holiday Market                                                                            > Athletic Banquets                     > Membership                                                           > Fundraising                               > Selling Programs at Athletic Events                                     >  Spirit Wear Sales at Athletic Events                                                                                               > and more!!!!

Ask for more information on volunteer opportunities at info@bayrocketsassociation.com

You are always welcome to come join us at our Rocket Booster Board Meetings ! Meetings are usually the second Monday of each month in the BHS library. Contact us at info@bayrocketsassociation.com for this month’s meeting date/location.